Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wherein I post about what I'm up to tonight

Listening: The Yardbirds and Elvis Presley. I feel like listening to Rock and Roll these days.

Watching: Daria. Just the other day I was wondering why the series never dealt with the topic of Daria having sex, only to discover that I had two episodes missing from my collection. In "My Night at Daria's", Daria and Tom innocently fall asleep, and Tom gets caught by Jake as he tries to sneak out at 4:00AM. A misunderstanding on Quinn's part begins a rumour that Daria and Tom are having sex. Some stuff happens, and Daria remains a virgin.

Reading: The spines of all the books on my book shelf that I bought and have yet to read because I'm lazy.

Wearing: Frizzy hair, white tank, cut-off jean shorts, and (as always) red lipstick traces.

Wanting: A damn Snapple. I bought one with the last 2$ I had to my name, then I dropped it as I tried to unlock my door, which was stuck due to the humidity. This depressed me. The Snapple was peach iced tea, and I was really looking forward to it.

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