Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wherein I talk about leopards and old ladies

Not much is new. I had a birthday. I got an amazing vintage leopard coat on etsy that fits like a dream. I'm well on my way to becoming an eccentric old spinster. Having a boyfriend was really putting a dent in that persona, so thanks again for ending that relationship for me, Universe. 'preciate it.

Leopard coat

I've been looking for a leopard coat for years. Even bought a couple. One was just a bit too "hooker" and the other was a bit too "cute". This one is >just< right. Perfect in fact! It makes me hip and modern in my 30's, keeps me stylish and sophisticated in my 40's and 50's, and will bring me straight through into retirement as the stylish deranged old cat lady I am destined to become. Then I will be buried in it when I am dead at 98.3 years old—longevity runs in my family, and that is the average age of my grand parents at their deaths.

Leopard coat

People stare at me on the metro.