Monday, March 30, 2009

New and better beginning

Isn't it crazy how one Friday you could be:

- Crying about love because your recent ex-boyfriend calls out-of-the-blue to tell you that he's already seeing someone else, to...
- Feeling sad all day the Saturday after, and wanting to give up on love forever, to...
- Dragging your sorry ass out of the house to go see the St. Paddy's parade even though you really don't want to be seen in public, to...
- Meeting someone new and awesome at the festivities after the parade and developing a huge crush, to...
- Hanging out and text-messaging each other throughout the week, to...
- Going dancing with the new awesome Swiss friend (not even a week after the ex called) and really hitting it off, to...
- Finding out he's crushing over you just as bad, to...
- Spending the night together, learning everything about each other, and feeling so happy to...
- Waking up the next day and finding out you still want to be together?

He says it's serious. Is this how it really happens? I like him sooooooooo much!

Friday, March 27, 2009

chat log

Latest chat conversation with my friend Canada:

[20:39] SP00NHUMPER: last night while watching jeopardy i said the following thing
[20:40] SP00NHUMPER: which i think is the least intelligent thing anyone has ever said while watching jeopardy
[20:40] SP00NHUMPER: "that chick is stacked!"
[21:00] ErisSaves: I literally laughed out loud just now
[21:00] ErisSaves: you're beautiful

Thursday, March 26, 2009

total crush

My new friend Phil is from Switzerland.

The Swiss have this word, Chuchichäschtli that translates to "kitchen cupboard." Apparently someone who is not from Switzerland knowing this word knows the way to a Swiss person's heart. I asked Phil why is the kitchen cupboard so significant? And he told me it's because that's where they like to hide things.

Dude, I totally do that!

Phil also thinks that squirrels are evil. I asked him why, and he told me that they're laughing at us, plotting to take over the world. So watch out!

I like Phil. There are freckles on his arms that I already want to connect.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Liz Phair and me

Ant in Alaska

I bought the remastered vinyl set of Liz Phair's first album. There are two 12" LPs and an extra 7" with three unreleased demos. I love them all so much, and everything sounds freaking awesome. Included is a CD of all songs on the plastic.

Call me when you think the coast is clear
I've been hiding out almost a year
Is there something wrong
What's taking you so long?
An yeah, you know it's not easy

You said if I waited it'd pay off
But my eyes are growing wild and my body's gone soft
Is there something wrong
What's taking you so long?
And yeah, I know it's not easy

You said I should let go of your hand
But I don't even know if I can
You're the only one
You are the very sun to me
And you know it's not easy

Well I look at the stars and I know you're under them
I look at the books and things people are reading
I know that you've written them too
You've got so many little things to do

But then I look at my life and I know you've forgotten
The promise you made to me
I think that's rotten
I'm hopelessly lost and there's hardly a sound
Anymore coming through
That can show me around
As I'm endlessly endlessly searching the crowd
Looking for something from you
Just one fucking measly clue
Any shitty little tip off would do
But I'm just an ant in Alaska to you

I'm just an ant in Alaska
An ant in Alaska
An ant in Alaska to you