Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here's what I've been up to lately:

- Taking photos of my dolls
- Selling stuff on eBay and using the money to buy stuff on eBay and Etsy
- Going to the post office
- Putting outfits together on
- I'm so bored, I've even been on facebook a little
- Having phone interviews with potential employers
- Watching the Rachel Zoe Project and Stylista
- Chatting with Gavin, Kevin, and Canada (I have no 'in-person' friends)
- I found some ginger snaps. Close, very close.
- Making lists
- Cleaning my apartment, and messing it up again
- Read the demise of "Opus" (I miss that little penguin)
- Listening to records, and some Peel Sessions on CD (The Wedding Present is quite wonderful)
- Chatted with me mum and dad
- Grooming the cats
- Staying up late, but waking up at a reasonable hour each day
- Reading about the world, close enough to watching it go by

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