Saturday, August 23, 2008

chat log

latest chat conversation with Kevin

[21:34] ErisSaves: jenny jenyy who can I turn to
[21:34] ErisSaves: you give me something I can hold on to
[21:34] ErisSaves: I know you think i'm like the others before
[21:34] ErisSaves: jenny I got your number
[21:34] ErisSaves: I need to make you mine
[21:34] ErisSaves: jenny don't change your number
[21:34] ErisSaves: 8675309
[21:35] ErisSaves: jenny jenny you're the girl for me
[21:35] ErisSaves: u don'[t know it, you make me so happy
[21:35] ErisSaves: I tried to call you before, I lost my nerve
[21:35] ErisSaves: blh a blha bahhh
[21:35] ErisSaves: 8675309
[21:35] ErisSaves: I got it
[21:36] ErisSaves: I got your number on the wall
[21:36] ErisSaves: I got it
[21:36] ErisSaves: for a good time
[21:36] ErisSaves: for a good time callllllllllllllllllllll
[21:36] dresinguptodance: i wonder how many people have that #
[21:36] ErisSaves: hmmm
[21:36] ErisSaves: I bet every city in the universe won't let peple have it
[21:36] dresinguptodance: hahaha
[21:37] ErisSaves: that, or they only let people named Jenny have it
[21:37] dresinguptodance: that'd be awesome
[21:37] ErisSaves: or or, every time the song plays on the radio, people wit the number get annoying phone calls
[21:37] dresinguptodance: it's just the song playing over the line
[21:37] ErisSaves: that would be awesome
[21:38] ErisSaves: in montreal, we used to have this line called the poem
[21:38] ErisSaves: t-h-e-p-o-e-m
[21:38] ErisSaves: 843-7636
[21:38] ErisSaves: and when you called it, this machine picked up with the recording of a poem
[21:39] dresinguptodance: that's kind of cool!
[21:39] ErisSaves: yeah, I used to call it every week when I was a kid
[21:39] ErisSaves: then they stopped, I was devastated
[21:39] dresinguptodance: awww

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